120 E. Main St., Suite B
Ashland, OR

Open 8am- 6pm Daily

Handlebar Café

Truly Great Coffee

All of our beans are organically sourced through Noble Coffee Roasting here in Ashland. And our baked goods are handmade gluten-free by Sisters Sans Bakery.


Drip Coffee 3.25

Americano 3.75

Cappucino 4.00

Mocha 5.25

Masala Chai 4.75

Hot Chocolate 4.25

Rishi Tea 3.00

Milk Alternatives/ Extras 0.50

(Oat, Almond, Soy, and Coconut)


Noble Coffee

Truly Great Coffee

We think bikes and coffee go hand in hand. Especially really good coffee. We’ve decided to feature coffee roasted by local Noble Coffee

Roasting and served by baristas trained in their art. We feel like their love of the beans, and attention to roasting them is in alignment with our love of bikes.


In their words:

“We believe that amazing coffee starts by sourcing the highest quality green coffees from organic farms and cooperatives, continues in the crafting of coffees with great attention upon roasting, and ends in the fine details of brewing. We are fully devoted to this process. We are both masters and students of the bean; confident in our product and ability to maximize its potential, yet always excited to learn more”.

Delectable Baked Goods

Sisters Sans Gluten

In keeping with the local coffee theme, we decided to feature pastries and treats made by local companies as well. Here you will find some delicious treats not commonly available. Gluten free and Keto recipes made by Sisters Sans Gluten. Or if Gluten free is not your thing we also serve croissants.

Pastry Display
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Ashland, Oregon 

Centered right in the heart of downtown Ashland next the Oregon Shakespeare Festival it’s an easy stroll to shops of all styles. Close to Lithia park for a pre or post café stroll, and right at the bottom of where the Ashland trail system flows into town. Stop by on your way out to your ride or stop by on your way home. Enjoy your coffee and treat on our outdoor patio (image) right in the heart of downtown where you can sip and plan your next move. Or if you’d like, come inside and pull up a seat at the bikeshop service bar (image) and watch the mechanics at work fixing bikes.